12th World Congress on Cell & Tissue Science

RSS 12th World Congress on  Cell & Tissue Science
Conference Series llc Ltd is pleased to invite you to the 12th World Congress on Cell and Tissue Science which is scheduled in Singapore on March 11-12,2019. It will bring world-class personalities and researchers working on the field of stem cells, cell biology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to discuss their latest research. Interested people can attend and be benefited.
Conference Highlights
• Cell Biology
• Cellular and Gene Therapy
• Cell and Organ Engineering
• Cell and Organ Regeneration
• Tissue Science and Engineering
• Tissue Repair and Regeneration
• Cancer Cell Biology
• Advancement in Cancer Treatments
• Stem Cells and its Applications
• Biomaterial and Bioengineering
• Biobanking
• Epigenetics and Epigenome
• Artificial Organs
• Tissue Culture and Preservation
• Regenerative Medicine
• Anti-Aging Medicine
• Precision Medicine
• Translational Medicine
• Vitrification
• Ethical Issues and Marketing Status Around the Globe
12th World Congress on  Cell & Tissue Science