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Advantages of philanthropy in business
Philanthropy is no longer a matter of social sector; it has become the beloved of the corporate sector. The corporate sector has started adopting philanthropy on a large scale.
Aman Mehndiratta is a successful entrepreneur and investor. He knows how to do a profitable and socially responsible business at the same time. He has prepared a business model which has dual aspects. In the first place, it gives high returns and on the other hand, it manages to give back to the society.
Now, curiosity must be prevailing here. Why businessmen like Aman Mehndiratta are adopting such kind of ideas in their business? What are the advantages of philanthropy in business?
So, we are here to calm your curiosity.
We have to understand, what philanthropy is all about. How it is beneficial for society and business?
In the simplest words, we can explain philanthropy as a desire to promote the welfare of others without any selfish thoughts.
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