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More and more users are using the WhatsApp API to interact with their users using the click to chat button.

The chat click of WhatsApp allows people to start a chat with you without having their phone number saved in their phone's address book.

Imagine that you own a virtual store, you have many customers but you are very busy and not always behind your PC in the office, but business does not stop.
Most customers have questions before buying products or acquiring services, sometimes customers want, before making a decision to release for more information...
And will help you connect with your customers via WhatsApp.

What can I do with this tool? helps companies increase their sales by facilitating communication with their users and creating close relationships with customers through WhatsApp Messenger.

* Increase your sales: Allow your current and / or potential customers to contact you through WhatsApp directly on your mobile device.
Create your own WhatsApp link - whatslink