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CliniExperts Service

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CliniExperts is End-To-End Regulatory Service Provider in India

Food Regulatory services: Product Compliances as per FSSAI food & supplements.

Cosmetic Registration: Aware documentation & legislative formalities needed for cosmetics.

Drug Regulatory Services: Get drug or test license from CDSCO & FDA for bulk or new drug.

Medical Devices Regulatory Services: Guide for authorization process, licensing process, performance evaluation, clarification from CDSCO.

Biological Sample - ICMR: Obtain licenses from ICMR to import / export of samples like blood, DNA, saliva.

Narcotics Regulatory Services: Get manufacturing / import license, export NOC, precursor NOC.

Clinical trials: Unbridled support for clinical trials like studies, research, sample collection, testing, and analysis support.

Legal metrology: Get licenses for registration of import/manufacture, dealer, repairer, model approval, packaging.

Authorized Agent Support: Act as authorized agent with valid Drug Wholesale license.

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