How it works

The new site works as follows

Register and confirm the confirmation email.
Once confirmed as an active user you can buy a bricklink for free or buy red, bronze or gold bricklinks.
Select the most related category and upload your logo.
Payments can be done only via paypal.
Free bricklinks are not always approved and have a duration of 180 days once accepted.

The wall has a maximum of 10,000 bricks. These bricks are generated in 4 ways:

  • Free brick
  • Red brick
  • Bronze brick
  • Gold brick

The free bricks are valid for 180 days while the remaining bricks are for life that is guaranteed for at least 20 years.

Each brick has its owner and he can decide to keep it for himself and acquire more and more Seo power as the directory evolves or has the right to sell it on his own.
This option only applies to purchased bricks and does not apply to free bricks.
Each brick has a unique and secret code that only the owner has in order to avoid scams.



If the directory fills up and a competitor of some company wants to buy your brick, you can decide the value of your brick. Sales can be done independently through social networks, marketplaces or blogs.

For example, if you buy a red brick today for € 10 euros and the directory does not have any other salable bricks, you could one day resell it for € 70 or more. There is no commission for the sale.



Every month 10 red bricks will be offered for free as a "giveaway" via facebook page for a total value of € 100 so please follow us on facebook to stay up to date.